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Vacuum Forming Machine

Working Principle

Caymateialsyhand → clampthemateials → movethemateialintotheoven,aftethemateialtosoft → takethemateialtofomingaea → thevacuumwillautostat → openthefantocold → sepaatethemodelandmateial → takethemateialout.


  1. Heater adopts infrared ray heating system.
  2. Heater drives by cylinder to insure heater work fleetly and placidly.
  3. The equipment with the safety and protection equipment.
  4. Clamp unit, controlled by pneumatic solenoid valve. Clamping unit assembled synchronous unit for material pressing. This machine adopts iron clamp bracket, which can bear high temperature, avoid the clamp bracket metamorphosed and adjust width and length arbitrarily.
  5. Complete vacuum system includes vacuum Tank, vacuum pump, vacuum storage gas pot, vacuum pipeline, adjustable air cleaner device and vacuum controlling unit.
  6. Cooling system assemble air blower and spray gun. The spray gun could be adjusted according to different products making.
  7. This machine controlled by PLC control system and controls the operation of equipment. Operation panel installed at the left of front side and free to turn.
  8. Automatic degassing before mold ejecting.

Vacuum Forming Machine BIY-V1212SA

Technique date

Type BIY-V1212SA
Working area 1200×1200MM
Max Power 25KW
Max vacuum deep 350MM
Material PMMA(acrylic), ABS,PVC
Max thickness 6MM
Heating temperature 0-300C
Machine size 3500*1500*1200MM
Weight 800KG
Voltage 220V/380/ 50HZ 60HZ

Vacuum Forming Machine BIY-V1225SA

Technique date

Type BIY-V1225SA
Working area 1200×2500MM
Max Power 65KW
Max vacuum deep 400MM
Material PMMA(acrylic),ABS,PVC
Max thickness 8MM
Heating temperature 0-300C
Machine size 65000*2200*2600MM
Weight 2600KG
Voltage 380/ 50HZ 60HZ