Desktop-laser Machine

Desktop-laser Machine BIY-L4060S


  1. Wood, plastic, iron, etc engraving.
  2. Advertising sign making
  3. High school CNC education.
  4. Institute of industry technology education.
  5. Garage DIY equipment.
  6. Material: cloth, embroider, fabric toy, furniture, reticule, glove, bag, leather engravinglcutting. model advertising, decoration, electric product, rubber, acrylic product, middle density board etc nonmetal sheet precision cutting.
  7. wood, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, resin, acrylic, wollens, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, bowlder, bamboo.


Adopt the internationally advanced DSP control technology, it is the pioneer to fast continuously cut curvingly and shortcut processing pathway optimizing function, accordingly increase greatly the efficiency. It automatically equalize the diminishing of light during the whole operating to ensure the same cutting effect in different area. High-speed cutting control software and buffer function in high-speed movement can improve production effcience. According to the suggestion of users, varying with different processing objects, supply professional fittings for various processing cases, Such as aluminum alloy celluar baseboard with various diameters, metallic grills with different Clearances, and negative pressure Absorption device of flexible materials, meeting the industrial requirements better/ The up-to-date software provides the direct output of original pictures, completely fit the graphic formats such as AutoCAD, CAM, CAD, CorelDRAW software, to meet the practical practical desian requirements of the end users. The advanced colour control supports various colours and the turns of the cutting, can realize the one-time output completely or partially. It is the first domestic product that uses USB port to transmit data, equipped with large-capacity internal memory, greatly improving working speed and efficiency.

Technique date

Engraving area 400×600mm
Engraving speed 0-64000mm/min(stepless speed regulating)
Laser power 40W Reci Laser Tube & Rotary Device
Resolution ratio 0.025mm
Minimum shaping character Chinese Character2mm letter1mm
Resetting positioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Power supply AC200V±10%,50HZ
Gross power <50W
Operating temperature 0℃-45℃
Operating humidity 5%-95%(free of condensed water)
Graphic format supported BMP、GIF、JPEG、PCX、TGA、TIFF、PLT、CDR、DWG、DXF
Net weight 30KG
Dimension 500×800×400mm
Option: Cold equipment、50w 、Aluminuim table